Dr. Julie ClaytonDMin, RCC, CCTP, CFTP, CATP, CTMH Clinical Director/Registered Clinical Counsellor Certified Trauma Therapist Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider

    Dr. Julie Clayton (DMin, RCC, CCTP, CFTP, CATP, CGCS, CTHP) is Tipping Point’s Clinical Director and a Certified Trauma Therapist/Registered Clinical Counsellor. She has worked for over 32 years supporting clients working through a wide spectrum of life challenges, including:

    • recovery from trauma
    • grief and loss
    • addictions recovery
    • transition/employment readiness
    • anxiety and depression,
    • spirituality or faith-based recovery

    Although well experienced in treating a wide spectrum of mental health challenges, Julie is passionate about supporting clients who are emerging from intergenerational complex developmental trauma.  As a survivor of past trauma, herself, she is aware of how steep the climb can be toward wellness and health.  Using a collaborative, people-oriented approach, Julie will invite her clients to see new hope for their lives, utilizing both personal and therapeutic resources to achieve life change.

    Julie also has an extensive teaching background, having taught communication, spiritual formation, social justice & community development at both under-graduate, graduate level and doctoral level. She offers regular seminars, workshops and group therapy, designed to support individuals in strengthening personal identity and emotional well being. Additional workshops are also offered to address issues that impact couple and family wellness, including preparation for marriage and parenting readiness.

    Julie is also a certified facilitator for Mental Health First Aid Canada and is eager to equip people with knowledge and tools for effective mental health support. Connect with Julie at jctippingpoint65@gmail.com.


    • Within my working partnership with Julie, I observed her to coach our team to work according to our strengths and resources, enabling everyone to find a place of meaningful contribution. She has exceptional leadership skills and those who come under her sphere of influence benefit from her example and knowledge. She has the ability to help individuals and organizations meet their desired goals and achieve significant community impact.

      MLA Province of Manitoba Legislature
    • I contacted Tipping Point looking for a counsellor to assist me with overwhelming family dynamics and cycles of destructive thoughts. Julie has been a supportive, patient and caring counsellor that has provided useful and practical, as well as attainable, strategies to evaluate and adjust thought patterns. I have also learned self-soothing techniques to calm when emotionally overwhelmed and combat intrusive and destructive thoughts. Her demeanor has made it possible for me to share things that I had found impossible to verbalize before.

      Counselling Client
    • Julie brings a deep love for people and life experience that make her especially well-suited to her discipline. She is a careful listener with the ability to ask the right questions. When she speaks, her comments are thoughtful, helpful and to the point. I heartily recommend her and the services she offers through her counselling practice.

      Counselling Colleague
    • Dr. Julie Clayton offers the highest level of professional standards balanced with the personal touch of sincere care. She listens with genuine empathy and sensitivity combined with the honesty I required. Her feedback is direct and insightful, offering me tools to move forward in my life.

      Counselling Client
    • 5 stars! Julie is a truly wonderful counsellor who brings experience, caring and expertise to her sessions. She's compassionate, deeply insightful, perceptive, and highly professional, tailoring sessions to meet client’s needs.

      Counselling Client
    • Julie adeptly collaborates with her client and leads him/her to explore their issue at the level where they feel comfortable. She bases strategies on current research, going way beyond talk therapy to tangibly achieve goals. I would absolutely recommend Julie's services to my friends.

      Counselling Client
    • Julie has made a comfortable safe environment for both my husband and I. She has great skill and a gentle sensitive manner which is allowing us to work on our troubled 30 year marriage with new found insight and hope. We highly recommend Julie’s services and thank her for helping us move forward as a couple. (Clients)

      Counselling Client
    • After several weeks of therapy at the Tipping Point Clinic, I feel fully confident that my PTSD can, and will be treated in a manner that will reform me to my old self. Dr Clayton’s non-medicinal treatment plan, while focused on care and understanding, has provided me with a sense that she “gets” what I’m going through. I feel very fortunate to have a connection with someone who is helping me overcome my challenges with an approach that I want. I truly believe that I’m on the right path.

      Satisfied Client
    • I was very fortunate to meet Dr. Julie, and I appreciate her wisdom. She is kind, caring and everything you need to help you out of your rut. Be willing to do the work within, and you will get the best coping methods for anything that comes your way. She has a natural ability to make you feel like you have the strength you need.

      Satisfied Client