Services & Fees

One Hour Behaviour Consulting Session

$105.00 Register

Tipping Point’s Behaviour Consulting Services provides person-centered support services to individuals, families and support teams where challenging behaviours are impacting the quality of life, social inclusion and achievement of personal life vision.

One Hour Counselling Session

$126.00 Register

(includes GST)
per 1 hour session (for individuals; adult or child, couples & families)
Tipping Point offers accessible and affordable confidential counselling services to individuals, couples & families who seek change in their lives.

Free 20-minute ‘goodness of fit’ interview: New clients are welcome to set up a ‘goodness of fit’ interview to meet their potential therapist and determine interest and comfort level in moving forward. This can happen in person or over the phone.

Extended Health Insurance Coverage

Tipping Point is eager to support those we serve in accessing insurance coverage for our consulting and counselling services. If you have extended benefits, you should check with your insurance provider to determine the scope of coverage available to you. Especially determine if coverage allows the services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) for reimbursement.

As many insurance companies have their own policies relating to benefits, we ask clients to pay for our services at the time of your appointment and to claim our fee afterwards. We will do everything we can to support you in receiving the allowances that are available to you.


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