Tipping Point offers accessible and affordable confidential counselling to individuals, couples & families.


Tipping Point’s Behaviour Consulting Services provides support services to individuals, families and support teams.


Mental Health First Aid is offered to someone with an emerging mental health problem or in a mental health crisis until appropriate treatment is found or the situation is resolved.

Tipping Point Consulting & Counselling Services

Center for Trauma Healing and Recovery

The Tipping Point team has been helping people achieve change and positive life plans for over 45 cumulative years. We know that life can be hard. Sometimes you need someone to walk with you from the place where you are to the place where you want to be. Allow us to help you ‘put the pieces together’!

Bringing together the fullness of resources from the behaviour consulting field alongside the supports of clinical counselling, Tipping Point Consulting and Counselling Services is uniquely positioned to offer a holistic approach to help you cross over barriers to reach your life goals.

Our Locations

Tipping Point is glad to offer counselling support and behaviour consulting in our Vancouver and Winnipeg locations.  As trauma specialists, we are committed to developing treatment plans that get to the core of life’s challenges while creating a safe and productive  space for you to find a new healing pathway.  Reach out for a free goodness of fit interview today.

Featured Workshops

Mental Health First Aid Workshop

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the support provided to a person who may be experiencing a decline in their mental well-being or a mental health crisis. The Mental Health Commission of Canada reports that one in every five Canadians experiences a mental health problem within a given year. While we often know a lot about physical illness, there tends…

Mental Health First Aid Training
(Adults who interact with youth)

Learn how to support a young person who may be developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis.

Conflict Resolution for Personal & Professional Development

Conflict Resolution for Personal & Professional Development

Discover conflict styles; your personal triggers and what you can do to bring healing and harmony to strained situations & interpersonal relationships.

Dealing With Challenging Behaviour

Dealing With Challenging Behaviour

For Parents, care givers, teachers, educational assistants, support workers, and other helping professionals.

Part 2: Practical Application of Positive Behaviour Supports

Building on completed assessment tools from Level 1, participants will be supported to develop communication alternatives to challenging behaviour and holistic supports.

Survival 101: Self Care for Parents, Teachers, Care Givers, and Helping Professionals

Survival 101: Self Care for Parents, Teachers, Care Givers, and Helping Professionals

People? Work? Difficult life circumstances taking their toll?  Join us as we help you identify what your stress cycle looks like and resources to take you to new levels of effectiveness and productivity.


Navigating the New Normal
(Learning to Thrive in the not so normal reality of 2022)

This workshop is designed to support participants in reviewing where they have been and into what are they arriving? What impact has world events had on mental, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing?  Join us for a four hour workshop online or in person, as we explore tools and resources to increase resilience, clarity and emotional and physical wellness.

Costs are negotiable depending on group size.  Email us at

Code of Ethics

Tipping Point commits to treating all of its clients with respect and dignity at all times. Emphasis is given to facilitating an environment that is welcoming of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. We look forward to what we can learn from each other as we join our experiences together to move toward change.


Tipping Point holds the confidentiality of the client-counsellor/consultant relationship, except where certain legal limitations may apply. These will be discussed at the onset of services.


Tipping Point believes in the importance of client feedback, so we might access and evaluate how we can best serve the needs of our clients in the future.


Tipping Point commits to offering the highest level of professional service according to recognized standards and ethics in both the counselling and behaviour consulting fields. Our staff have completed graduate-level studies in the field of counselling and engage in ongoing professional development and supervision to ensure clients receive the highest quality of service.